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At Diplock Solicitors, we recognize the significance of maintaining safe and habitable living environments for tenants while ensuring that landlords fulfill their repair responsibilities. Our legal team specializes in addressing repair issues within tenancy agreements, providing comprehensive support to both landlords and tenants.


For Landlords: Our legal guidance for landlords includes:

  • Meeting Repair Obligations: We offer guidance on meeting repair obligations and understanding legal requirements concerning property maintenance.

  • Dispute Resolution: We assist in resolving disputes related to repairs, helping landlords stay compliant with their legal duties and maintain their properties in good condition.

For Tenants: For tenants experiencing repair issues, our services encompass:

  • Prompt Resolution: We focus on ensuring that landlords promptly address repair concerns to maintain safe and comfortable living spaces.

  • Communication Support: We assist tenants in effectively communicating repair requests to landlords.

  • Legal Action: When necessary, we take legal action to enforce repair obligations, ensuring that tenants’ rights are protected, and properties are maintained properly.


Diplock Solicitors is dedicated to providing expert legal assistance, whether you are a landlord seeking to fulfill repair responsibilities or a tenant facing unresolved repair issues. We work diligently to facilitate effective communication between parties and, when required, represent our clients’ interests. Our goal is to ensure that repair matters are resolved promptly and fairly, upholding the rights of all parties involved.

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