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Islamic will


An Islamic will, also known as an Islamic Sharia-compliant will, is a vital document for individuals of the Muslim faith who wish to ensure that their assets and estates are distributed according to Islamic principles after their passing. At Diplock Solicitors, we understand the significance of aligning your will with your religious beliefs and values.


Why Choose an Islamic Will:

Islamic wills are crucial for individuals of the Muslim faith because they:

  • Align with Religious Beliefs: They ensure assets are distributed in accordance with Islamic principles and inheritance laws.

  • Fulfill Religious Obligations: Islamic wills allow you to make specific religious bequests and engage in charitable giving (waqf) as per Islamic teachings.

  • Appoint Guardians: You can appoint guardians for minor children to ensure their well-being in line with your faith.


Our solicitors follow a comprehensive approach to creating Islamic wills:

  • Personalized Consultation: We discuss your wishes, assets, beneficiaries, and any religious considerations.

  • Compliance with Sharia: We navigate the complex rules of Islamic inheritance laws, such as the “faraid,” to ensure compliance.

  • Executor and Guardian Appointments: We assist in appointing executors, administrators, and guardians as necessary.

  • Religious Bequests and Waqf: We provide guidance on religious bequests and charitable giving in accordance with Islamic teachings.

Choose Diplock Solicitors:

By choosing Diplock Solicitors for your Islamic will, you can have confidence that your wishes will be upheld in accordance with Islamic principles. We respect the sanctity of your beliefs and will work diligently to create a Sharia-compliant will that reflects your devotion and dedication to your faith. Secure your legacy while adhering to your religious values by opting for our Islamic will services.

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