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We employ more than 20 highly experienced practitioners over four different branches across London. Therefore, you can meet with us almost anywhere. Our aim is to providing an incredibly satisfactory service to ensure you receive the best possible outcome. With over 20 years of experience in immigration and civil litigation practice, our lawyers and advisers are here no matter how complex you case is – we will ensure to guide you to the right path.


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At Diplock Solicitors, our team of seasoned legal professionals boasts a wide array of expertise, ensuring that we are well-equipped to cater to the diverse needs of our clients.

Public law

Our Public Law service focuses on advocating for justice, protecting individual rights.


Offers compassionate legal support to individuals and families facing sensitive and emotional
legal issues.


Our Private Client service offers personalized legal

Civil litigation

Committed to providing resolute advocacy for individuals and businesses embroiled in legal disputes.


Our Business Law service is tailored to meet the unique needs of

Landlord & Tenant

Provides comprehensive legal support to both landlords and tenants in various
property matters.

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What Client Say

"Working with Diplock Solicitors was an absolute pleasure! Their team provided exemplary legal support during my employment dispute. They took the time to understand my concerns and crafted a strategic approach that resulted in a successful outcome.''
Jonathan Doe
Business man
"I cannot thank Diplock Solicitors enough for their exceptional service in handling my family's estate planning. Their attorneys were not only knowledgeable and thorough but also displayed genuine care and compassion during a sensitive time. ''
Jessica Doe
Based on 25 reviews
Gurbax Kaur
Gurbax Kaur
I had the pleasure of working at the Barking road branch where I was made to feel welcome and part of the team. I was mentored by Haniah,Muhammad yaqoob,Abdullah,Zaheer Hussain,Ranu,jannat,aysha and can’t forget the boss Attia bano.A fantastic team who not only showed excellent work ethic and knowledge, but ensured I was able to understand every task I was given and made it as easy as possible for me.I’m gonna miss you guys 😭
Usman Ahmed
Usman Ahmed
Most proffesional solicitors i have ever come across. They are the best at what they do and very easy to work with. I had a very complicated case and had also received a ccj. Yaqub and Atiya helped me overturn the ccj and also win the dispute case really quickly. Any legal help, i would highly recommend this firm.
Abdullah Al Noman
Abdullah Al Noman
Khola Butt
Khola Butt
I have used Diplock Solicitors for my spouse visa. It was a smooth and efficient service, which caused me no stress. I was very satisfied with my experience with them. Miss Attiya Bano and her team handled my case and helped me throughout the whole process. I would definitely recommend their services to others.
Burhan Rahel
Burhan Rahel
Blessing Asagba
Blessing Asagba
Fig Codes
Fig Codes
Great services
Senja Abbasi
Senja Abbasi
I had the privilege of working with an outstanding solicitor who proved to be a true savior for my family during our challenging visa appeal process. From the moment we sought his assistance, he exhibited unwavering dedication, professionalism, and a sincere desire to help us succeed. Our initial encounter with the solicitor was when my sister's visitor visa was unjustly refused. It was a disheartening moment for us, but he approached us with empathy, understanding the importance of family unity and the impact this decision had on our lives. He instilled confidence in us by explaining the grounds for an appeal and outlining the potential path forward. What truly set him apart was his unwavering determination to fight for our case. Despite facing multiple rejections and seemingly insurmountable obstacles, he never wavered in his commitment to our cause. His relentless spirit and optimistic attitude served as a constant source of encouragement for our family. His unwavering belief in our case gave us the strength to persevere during the long and arduous journey. Throughout the process, the solicitor displayed exceptional professionalism, which was complemented by his courteous and friendly demeanor. He went above and beyond to ensure we understood each step of the process, patiently answering our questions and addressing any concerns we had. His communication was prompt, clear, and transparent, leaving no room for confusion or doubt. One aspect that truly stood out was the way he treated his clients like family. He genuinely cared about our well-being, empathizing with the stress and uncertainty we experienced. It was evident that our case was not merely a job to him; he invested himself wholeheartedly, personally vested in our success. This level of care and compassion created a sense of trust and reassurance, fostering a strong client-solicitor relationship. After almost a year of fighting, our persistence and the solicitor's unwavering efforts paid off when my sister's visa was finally approved. It was an emotional and joyous moment for our family, and we owe our gratitude to our solicitor for his unwavering support and tenacity. He never gave up on us, even when the odds seemed stacked against us. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone in need of expert legal representation. His professionalism, courtesy, and friendly demeanor, combined with his unwavering commitment to his clients, make him an exceptional choice. His expertise, dedication, and personal investment in our case turned a seemingly hopeless situation into a triumphant success story. We are forever grateful to him for reuniting our family and giving us a new lease on life. Thank you, Sayed BAKI, for being an extraordinary legal professional and a compassionate advocate for our cause.
Nurul Haque
Nurul Haque
My sincerest Gratitude to Sayed Baki bhai for his advice. Very competent & professional advice. May Allah bless him.
Abdul Hay
Abdul Hay
Amazing work experience placement, with many of my thanks towards Muhammad Yaqoob, had a very serious but down to earth environment with many skills you will be able to pick up. Would recommend to anyone who wants to do a work experience in the law industry

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