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Rent arrears


Rent arrears can present significant challenges for both landlords and tenants. At Diplock Solicitors, we understand the complexities of rent arrears cases and offer our expertise to assist you in resolving these issues. Whether you are a landlord seeking to recover unpaid rent or a tenant facing financial difficulties, our experienced legal team is here to help.


For Landlords: We provide comprehensive support to landlords dealing with rent arrears, including:

  • Legal Process Guidance: We can guide you through the legal process of rent recovery, helping you understand the necessary steps, such as issuing notices and pursuing court action when required.

  • Arrears Recovery: Our team assists in recovering outstanding rent payments and, if necessary, helps you regain possession of your property.

For Tenants: For tenants facing rent arrears, we offer legal advice and representation:

  • Rights Protection: We ensure that your rights are upheld throughout the rent arrears dispute, guaranteeing that any actions taken are fair and compliant with the law.

  • Constructive Solutions: Our goal is to find constructive solutions that benefit all parties involved while minimizing conflict.


Diplock Solicitors is dedicated to providing both landlords and tenants with the legal support needed to achieve a satisfactory resolution to rent arrears challenges. We understand that these situations can be emotionally charged and legally complex. Therefore, our team is committed to offering expert guidance and representation to navigate these issues effectively.

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