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Commercial lease


Navigating the world of commercial real estate leasing can be a complex and demanding task. At Diplock Solicitors, we offer comprehensive services in commercial lease matters, ensuring that your commercial property transactions are handled with precision and expertise.


For Landlords:

  1. Lease Drafting: Our experienced solicitors assist landlords in drafting clear and comprehensive commercial leases. We ensure that leases protect your interests, address all critical terms, and comply with legal requirements.

  2. Lease Review: We review existing commercial leases for landlords, identifying any potential issues and proposing necessary amendments or updates to ensure your lease agreements remain advantageous and legally sound.

  3. Tenant Negotiations: Our team can negotiate lease terms and conditions with prospective tenants, ensuring that you secure favorable agreements that protect your property and financial interests.

For Tenants:

  1. Lease Review: We review commercial leases on behalf of tenants to ensure that the terms and conditions are fair and advantageous. Our goal is to identify any potential risks and propose necessary amendments to protect your rights and interests.

  2. Lease Negotiation: Our solicitors negotiate lease agreements with landlords, working to secure favorable terms, rent conditions, and leasehold improvements that meet your specific needs.

  3. Lease Disputes: In the event of disputes during the lease term, we represent tenants in negotiations, mediations, or court proceedings to protect your interests and achieve fair resolutions.


Diplock Solicitors offers a comprehensive range of services related to commercial leases, including lease drafting, review, negotiation, and dispute resolution. We understand that commercial lease matters are pivotal to your business success.

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