Nazib Ullah
Senior Caseworker

Mr Nazib Ullah joined Diplock Solicitors in February 2019 as a senior caseworker. He is a registered paralegal at Professional paralegal register and also affiliate member of Chartered Institute of Legal Executives. 

Having obtained his LLB (Hons), he has acquired over 6 years of immigration experience and has vast experience in a range of immigration matters to assist clients in successfully obtaining their permission/Leave to Remain in the UK including Business Immigration.

Mr. Nazib Ullah is well-known for going the extra mile for our clients and recognises the importance of guiding our client’s step by step throughout the process so as to achieve the best possible outcome in the most cost-effective manner.

Mr Nazib Ullah also handles money claims, employment matter, civil litigation and public law matter under supervision of Ms Attia Bano (Principal Solicitor) at Diplock Solicitors.

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