Civil litigation

Our Areas of Expertise

At Diplock Solicitors, our team of seasoned legal professionals boasts a wide array of expertise, ensuring that we are well-equipped to cater to the diverse needs of our clients.

Recovery of money or debt

Service for the Recovery of Money or Debt is designed to help individuals and businesses pursue outstanding debts and unpaid dues.

Third party debit recovery order

Designed to assist individuals or businesses in recovering outstanding debts by seeking the assistance of third parties.

Injunctions application

Designed to help individuals or businesses seek urgent legal relief to prevent harm, stop unlawful activities, or preserve their rights.

Representation in small claim, fast track and multitrack cases

Providing expert assistance in various types of civil cases, including Small Claims, Fast Track, and Multi-Track cases.

Bankruptcy order

Bankruptcy Order is designed to assist individuals who are facing overwhelming debt and financial difficulties.

Cost applications and hearing

Designed to assist individuals or businesses in seeking a fair allocation of legal costs incurred during a legal dispute.

Set aside applications

Designed to help individuals or businesses challenge court decisions that they believe were made in error or were unfairly decided.

Statutory demands

Statutory Demands is designed to assist creditors in seeking the repayment of outstanding debts from individuals or businesses.

Assistance in drafting court documents

Designed to provide expert assistance in preparing and drafting various legal documents required for court proceedings.

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